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Thinking About A New Job?

By Guest Blogger: Elliot Zovighian

Expert Author Elliot Zovighian

On a recent poll on workopolis.com, a whopping 70% of people who responded said they are actively looking for a new job. So what about you? Are you ready to make the big change and look for something that offers more potential, more money, or  more flexibility? You better get going because it looks like the competition is going to be fierce.

Have a goal. Do a self assessment, and figure out what you want to do. Rediscover who you are and the experience you bring to any potential position. Eliminate options that don't best suit you.

Get focused and develop a plan of action. Be specific while you network for a job. Ask people you know if they can refer you, or refer someone to you. Brainstorm and ask a ton of questions. Be your own consultant. Try and spend 5 hours a day for 5 days a week being focused to achieve what you plan each week.

Sell yourself. The person who is most convincing will get the job. They far outweigh those with technical skills. Don't be spew out data and bio information. Learn sell yourself to the interviewer. Unless they're looking strictly for technical skills, interviewers will eliminate candidates on technicalities, not likability.

Watch your dress, language, and posture. Learn to slow down your speech, and use you language you're confident in using. Men should wear a 2 button suit with no floral ties or beards. Women should wear small print on blouses, take it easy on the perfume, and wear a current hairstyle. Read the interviewer, lean in and be attentive on important points, and please... make eye contact.

While the competition may be tough, by following these few points will get you a leg up on other potential candidates, and get you the job you want, and not something you merely settle for.

Have you been looking for a new job? Share with us any tips you may have. Tell us your story. You never know, someone reading your comment may be looking for someone just like you!

Elliot Zovighian is a life coach, speaker, author, blogger is the owner of EZ Lifestyles, a life coaching company from Toronto, Canada. His daily blog offers articles and advice on such subjects as life skills, work and career, relationships, parenting, featured videos and more. http://www.ezlifestyles.ca